Analytical Services

You need immediate answers when you have a system or process problem. In some cases, testing can be done on site to identify the cause. In other cases, you need the testing capabilities and troubleshooting expertise only found in an experienced analytical laboratory.

Analysis Products

Dyosa Water’s analytical product line offers tools to measure the effectiveness of a treatment program on-site. Standard and proprietary analysis products can assist with troubleshooting, program evaluation, direct measurement of Dyosa Water products, and other general water and process testing needs. Products are designed to offer ease-of-use, consistent operation and reliable results. From microprocessor-based instruments to simple drop-wise kits, our analysis products offer the quality you have come to expect from Dyosa Water.

Analytical Laboratories

Ph.D. researchers and technicians are thoroughly trained in sample testing and analysis. Their extensive experience includes operation of state-of-the-art instrumentation and sample analysis. Our analytical labs are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Standardized, documented procedures help assure accurate answers. Our network of Dyosa Water labs service customers across North America.

You can rely on us for comprehensive answers over a wide range of areas. While many analytical labs perform water analyses, few also have capabilities for deposit, ion exchange, metallurgical, and pulp and paper testing. Even fewer have a North American network of Dyosa Water expertise ready to help you.

Count on us for insight that can help you and your Dyosa Water field representative troubleshoot problems. You will get the answers you need, quickly.


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